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How to Ask A Girl Out - Dating Tips For Men

Date Planning: The Next Step in Asking a Girl Out

While you learn how to ask a girl out, it’s important that you’re ready for the next step: actually going on the date. When you actually ask the girl out to join you on an exciting evening or daring daytime adventure, you need to already have an idea of what activities you’re going to do. Don’t wait until the last minute. (There are even dating coaches who teach you how to get a date .)

But whatever you do, don’t say, “I don’t know. What would you like to do?”

Being ambivalent and wishy-washy is not sexy. Instead, you need to have a plan for when she agrees to your date. Here are some things to concepts to keep in mind as you’re planning the date.

Ask a Girl Out – Date Planning Checklist

Places to consider for a good date include any number of locations and venues. Some examples are bars, clubs, museums, zoos, aquariums, lounges, laser tag, restaurants, amusement parks, hiking trails, ballparks, etc.

Each of these venues demonstrate different qualities about your personality. Taking a girl to a bondage party will convey a completely different message than asking her out to join you at an aquarium. Be sure to choose your date venue wisely. There are a million places to take someone, try to make your choice unique. Set yourself apart from the herd. Be the exception.

Steps for Social Prep
There are several steps for socially preparing your date.

1) Scope out the location before hand. Look for preferable tables, make out spots, interesting architectural features, etc.
2) Purchase VIP seating, if you are interested and have the means. Although, it’s important to note that this isn’t about wowing her with your wallet or showing off. If you were to purchase VIP seating, it is to smooth out any wrinkles in your evening, such as being unable to find two seats together in a near sold-out arena or venue.
3) Meet the employees, Make deals with bouncers/owners for entry or special treatment. Be sure to do this before your date. While the mobster movies (more on this later) always show the crime boss liberally sprinkling around twenties to busboys and bartenders, you don’t want to actually do this in real life. Build your relationships with the staff prior to bringing your girl to the venue.
4) Seek nearby restaurants, lounges or other places to bounce to afterwards. In these cases, you should look for lower energy venues that will help establish an air of intimacy and rapport. For example, if your date is to a heavy metal concert, you need somewhere quiet to visit afterwards to allow your eardrums to rest and really chat with her.
5) Find out what friends are going to be at the location. If friends are going to be in attendance, prep them about your date and explain how they can raise your social value. And also warn them what not to do. Sometimes our buddies mean well, but their stories about that time you got scared and peed your pants in first grade aren’t necessarily what you want to share with a first date.

Special Events to Consider
Special events are great places for a date. They are different from the normal “dinner and a movie” dates (and by the way, you’re not planning on a boring, old, mundane dinner and a movie date, are you?) and they almost automatically generate a sense of excitement. Examples of special events are concerts, plays, conventions, comedians, fairs, etc.

Special events are great for creating one-time only experiences. Special events can range in pricing some events can be free entry while others can cost you an arm and a leg.

Socially Prepping for a Date: The Benefits
Everyone remembers the great scene in Goodfellas where Ray Liotta’s character breezes into the back door of the club, walks through the kitchen, says hello to every employee, glides down in front of the stage, and sits down to a table specially laid out for him and his date. What an impression he made!

Being well-acquainted with the right people to ensure your date goes smoothly goes a tremendously long way to increasing your value. By knowing the venue, knowing the doorman, knowing the bartender, and knowing the maître d’, you’re guaranteed better service and a more effective date. By the way, for most women the second date is more important than the first date.

So spend some time planning and preparing your date, before you go to ask a girl out. If you know what comes next when you talk to her, you’ll have much more success.