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How to Ask A Girl Out - Dating Tips For Men

How To Ask A Girl Out

how to ask a girl outWhen it comes down to it, a lot of men have just one question for us: How to ask a girl out. Particularly for a generation of men not accustomed to “dating” in the classical sense, this can be difficult. They’ve not grown up asking a girl out socially. Like most men under the age of 40, you’re probably much more used to “hanging out” with women than you are with officially asking them out on dates. So how do you ask a girl out on a date? Read on to learn the fine art of asking her out and how to get her to say “yes” when you ask a girl out.

If you want to ask a girl out on a date, there are some simple rules to follow. These innovative Pick Up Artist (PUA) strategies will distinguish you from all the other men who sheepishly invite a girl on some vague activity that rarely leads to a successful romantic interaction. Drawn from an extensive PUA educational program, these techniques are just a few of the ways you can be successful when you ask a girl out.

Guideline on How To Ask A Girl Out

1. Research cool activities and events. Read the local entertainment papers, spend time on community websites, and talk to friends. Don‘t just rely on boring old mundane activities like catching a movie or going to dinner. Instead, be armed with news of a hip underground nightclub or an interesting gallery exhibit.

2. Reference your cool activity in conversation with the girl you want to ask out. But do not invite her along, not yet. For example, you could say, “My buddies and I are going to see this comedy band perform at the Viper Room this weekend. They include mythical creatures in their stage act and throw panties at the audience. They‘re hilarious.“ Really sell the event and make it seem fun and enjoyable so that it plants a seed in your date‘s mind.

3. Continue the conversation about whatever topic you‘re discussing. Do not continue to reference the cool activity as you chat about an interesting topic like dream interpretation or belief in the afterlife. Move away from the activity and let it linger in the background. Remember, this is not the time to ask a girl out.

4. As you complete the conversation with your intended date, turn back to her and reference the cool activity you mentioned in Step #2. You can say, “Hey, you seem like you might enjoy the comedy band. Tag along with me and my friends. It‘ll be a blast.“

These are effective steps for asking a girl out for three reasons. First, they‘re different than the majority of men who simply say, “Do you want to have dinner and see a movie?“ Second, they demonstrate that you‘re a socially connected man about town. And third, they‘re a lower risk investment for the woman. With the stereotypical dinner-and-a-movie date, she‘s forced to decide if she wants to spend four or five or six hours with a man she barely knows. That‘s a sizable decision and can be intimidating. But when she‘s offered an amazing adventure with a fun group of people, then she‘ll more likely go along.

It doesn‘t have to be scary to ask a girl out. Just follow these easy steps and your social calendar will overflow with dates and fun romantic interactions. If you want to test your skills with women, there is a pick up artist test you can take here:

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